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Coach and Bus for Hire, Christchurch, New Zealand. Reliable, reasonably priced and great service!

Texas is a family owned and operated company specialising in upmarket tours and charters since the mid 90s! We have extensive experience in doing tours from overseas, charter trips from local and international clients, film crew work, transfers (airport, conference, weddings and more), and even event management!

Hire a bus for reasonable prices in Christchurch

Formerly, we operated as Texas Party Bus, and we specialised in operating as a party bus company. With the upgrade process of our coaches, we are no longer able to do most party bus trips (no more loudest sounds in Christchurch, no more dance poles or disco lights). We can however still do all of the other trips like Wine Trails, transfers to and from venues, work trips, lunch and dinner transfers, sporting trips and oooooh, those out of town trips are sooo much comfier!

Hire a bus for wine trail or trip.

So, if you want to feel VIP and need to travel in style and comfort, we are your coach company of choice. We still have some of the staff from the past, and we can still play your favourite music...just not as loudly as we used to be able to.

Latest Four Star Plus Rated Coaches. The upgrade process means our coaches are fairly modern (less then 5 year old tour coaches) and come fully equipped with all of the facilities of a late model vehicle such as airconditioning, reclining seats (3 point safety seat belt), have airbag suspension for superior comfort, PA equipment, DVD player/SD/USB/TV screen for presentation onboard, and large luggage lockers.

Hire a tour coach in Christchurch.

We employ friendly, knowledgable staff who have ample experience as drivers, guides and hosts and can even do commentary work when required. Having staff onboard that has good local knowledge not only helps with a commentary, but also helps you with getting the most out of the area you are travelling thru. Remember, travelling on a coach only gives you one perspective of New Zealand. Having an expert onboard gives you the opportunity to undertake a quick walk with greater scenic views which only the locals know of. Also, apart from driving and going on a great walk, flying up to a snow or glacier field using a helicopter service or jet boating thru a fast running river system can all be organised by our team. We can easily book a trip for you with the companies that provide the best value and time requirements. Sometimes, weather is not so cooperative, so the staff can offer to book a similar experience with another company at a different location.

Airport shuttle for large group to hotel from $500.

We offer very competitve quotes, however we also pride ourselves in offering our staff a decent living wage. We may not be the cheapest, we offer the best service with a smile! Remmember, you get what you pay for! We are here to give you the best possible service and experience on your trip - simply put, we work very hard to make your holiday, the trip of a lifetime!

Texas proudly holds a 5-Star Rating under the NZTA Operator Rating System.

Hire a bus for work or social trip.

To Book a trip for tour, wedding transfers, airport shuttle bus service, school sports trips, wine trips, charter for sports trips, contact us for the best deal in town! Call or text us or send us an email for a quote at any time and we look forward to being of service soon.

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