Book a Tour Bus with Texas Coachlines Christchurch for an awesome time!

Hire a Texas Coach for Wine Trail, Work Do, Progressive Dinner Trip!

Book with Texas Coachlines Christchurch for an awesome time!

Most wine trails normally happen on a Saturday or Sunday starting at around 11AM-11:30AM and finishing around 5PM (back in Christchurch). We travel usually to 3 vineyards and the price can range from $675 (depending on how far out of Christchurch you wish to go).

If you are interested in going up to Waipara to the likes of, The Waipara Hills, Waipara Springs, Torlesse Winery, Black Estate, you are looking at $650 return. The price of $675 includes travel to three wineries and pickup and drop off at one location in Christchurch. A liquor license to keep the throats quenched on such a long journey can be organised for extra (cost of applying for a liquor license).

Book with Texas Coachlines Christchurch for an awesome time!

The City Council requires a minimum of 20 working days to process any Special License application, and we are happy to help you with the application process. There is a cost involved to apply for this and is non refundable. You will pay directly to the CCC. More information is available directly from the Christcurch City Council Website!

Book with Texas Coachlines Christchurch for an awesome time!

We can tailor a trip to suit your requirements!

A wine trail starts with tasting at the first winery, then followed by more tastings at the second and finger foods and tastings at third with meal. It is recommended to preorder the meals especially during the busier summer months. Most wineries are happy to either fax or email forward their menus so clients can make choices ahead of time.

For all wine trail related enquiries, please call our hotline 027 264 8307 (24/7) or send us text message or an email to now for a quick discussion. We most likely will be able to give you a rough indication of costs during our discussion. If you feel our pricing fits your budget criteria, then we will take your details down and work on a more accurate and written quote.

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